Co-op/Internship Program

Join Our Team

The vision for our co-op and internship program is to successfully develop our students while building their professional knowledge so they can attain their CPA designation.  Our proven process integrates your academic experience with the accounting, taxation and advisory needs of our clients which provides experience in all aspects of CPA profession. We recruit from universities across Southern Ontario. Throughout the year, there are always a number of students at Brownlow in different stages of their work terms. We are proud to say that we have a partner and multiple CPA’s on staff who started their career in the co-op/internship programs and are currently part of our successful Team.

Building Knowledge

Our understanding of our Clients starts with reviewing the results of their yearend. This allows us a detailed look at how the company has financially functioned for the year. During this phase, you prepare the full working paper file, financial statements and corporate tax returns, contacting the client directly with questions, and completing the owner’s personal taxes.

Here, you gain experience in all areas of accounting and tax. Responsibilities include many different types of engagements in various industries and focusing on the whole client file. You don’t have to do this alone, we maintain an open door policy where you have access to our entire team of other students, CPA’s, Managers and Partners to help you with any questions.

Securing Your Future

Your co-op/internship experience allows you to the opportunity to make a difference at our firm and in the lives of our Clients. We strive to recommend our co-op/internship students to full time positions at the end of their experience so you can continue to shape our Firm.

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The Path to Success

When you begin your work term with Brownlow Partners you will spend your first week in one on one training presented by different Brownlow Partners Team Members. Each day of training allows you the opportunity to meet more Team Members and to learn how we help to enhance the success of our Clients. You will work through specially prepared simulated client scenarios which include many of the file preparation details you will see while working with our clients.

We provide you with feedback on every file you work on in order to ensure you have the best chance of succeeding. In addition, we hold monthly training sessions with the Team to keep you up to date. Each stage of your development is included on a progression plan. This progression plan lays out exactly what is expected of you, as a student Team Member at each step of your career, providing you with goals to strive for during your time with us.

Creating Relationships

As Trusted Advisors, each Brownlow Partners Team Member, including you, are responsible for meeting and interacting directly with our clients and other professionals on a day to day basis. Our Trusted Advisor relationships are built on our communication with clients and our understanding of their needs. You work with Partners and staff during your co-op/internship experience to develop the communication skills needed to become a Trusted Advisor.