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Providing value added services to private business and entrepreneurs since 1980.

We maintain a high level of service by focusing on meeting our clients’ expectations. By asking really good questions and listening very carefully, combined with the use of formal relationship management tools that we have developed, we are able to identify our clients needs and satisfy their expectations of our firm.

At Brownlow Partners we offer high value services with a personal touch to privately held businesses. Our clients require highly competent services, customized to their requirements, delivered in a professional and friendly manner. The following six attributes are the foundation of the Brownlow Partners’ Service:

  • Personal Service
  • High Quality
  • Team Approach
  • Timely
  • Value Added
  • Invest in Clients

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Audit & accounting

Financial Statement Engagements

Whether you require an audit, review, compilation engagement or specialized auditing, Brownlow Partners works as a team to meet your private business needs, provide you with timely turnaround and superior service. We work closely with your other professional advisors to ensure your financial reporting requirements are completely looked after.
1. Do you want to work with the same professionals each year?
2. Do you expect a quick turnaround for your financial reporting information?
3. Do you expect your professional advisors to get back to you promptly?

Not-for-profit organizations

As a non profit, we understand that every dollar counts when you are trying to achieve your mission.
1. How does your organization manage its spending?
2. How do you deal with increased competition for memberships and donations?
3. Board members help the organization navigate and plan for the future; how do you manage through the changes in board members and treasurers?
Accounting software & training




Reorganization of corporate ownership and assets ownership to help achieve your plan for the future can be accomplished in many ways. We can help create a plan to manage this process in a tax effective manner.
1. Do you wish to introduce new shareholders to your company or amend existing shareholder control?
2. Could you separate higher risk operational assets from lower risk investment assets?
3. Do you need assistance in understanding your corporate structure and how to use it properly?
4. Family Trusts provide an effective method for you to direct corporate income to other individuals or corporations. Have you considered a trust or do you need assistance utilizing an existing trust?

Corporate and Personal Tax Compliance

Our job is to advise you of options available to ensure you are taxed as efficiently as possible. Brownlow Partners’ Tax Team is experienced with tax compliance issues from tax return preparation, CRA appeals, foreign reporting and tax planning.
1. Are your total taxes, both corporate and personal supported with an integrated plan to minimize/reduce taxes?
2. Are you doing business in a foreign market?
3. Would you like us to provide alternate tax options/solutions for your consideration?

Mergers & Acquisitions

Your business can only be sold for what the buyer is willing to pay.
1. What are the three most important factors that drive value in your company?
2. What is your company worth today and what will it be worth in 5 years?
3.When do you plan on getting out of your business?


Due diligence

Sale of your business

If you own your own business, ask yourself these two questions.

1. Are you having fun?
2. How much longer do you want to do this?
Depending on your answers, you may already be thinking about the sale of your business. Those thoughts will lead to the following key questions that we can help you answer.
1. How do I assess the value of my business?
2. How do I drive the value of my business higher?
3. How do I sell my business?
4. How do I minimize the tax and other costs from the sale to maximize what I receive?

Taxation in the U.S.A

The taxation products, income and people takes place every where around the globe, sometimes in the most surprising ways.

1. Is expansion into the United States part of your plan for the future?
2. Have your reviewed your corporate structure entry to the United States with a professional advisor?
3. Does your company already move products, income or people across borders?
4. Are you actively reviewing the compliance required while doing business in the United States?


The cost of innovation through research and commercialization can be supplemented with government assisted programs. The Scientific Research and Education Development (SR&ED) is a program that provides financial tax incentives to Canadian entities. We can help with the process to apply for these incentives.

1. Do you believe that your entity carries on research or experimental development achieving technological advancement in creating new, or improving existing materials, devices, products or processes?
2. Have you applied for SR&ED before and been declined or received less than applied for?


Improving your bottom line

We understand as a business owner you make decisions every day that affect the growth and profitability of your company.

1. How often do you work on your business instead of in the day to day?
2. Growth starts with great people, how is your company utilizing employees to meet customer demands and build new customer relationships?
3. Are you working harder but not seeing the returns on the bottom line?

Succession & estate planning

Selling some of your assets now, particularly assets that require high maintenance and assets that carry a greater risk, can simplify issues with your estate.
Ensuring your Will property reflects your wishes provides clarity and focus to the administration of your estate and the distribution of your assets.

1. How can you sell assets now for the greatest value and lowest taxation cost?
2. What are the taxes that would be paid on your death?
3. What action could you take now to significantly reduce those taxes?