Corporate & Personal Tax

Whether you have concerns about foreign taxation or are looking to minimize your personal or corporate taxes, our tax accountants in Hamilton, Halton and Niagara are here to assist you. Our mission is to give you tax management services that ensure you are taxed as efficiently as possible, with no unnecessary surprises.

Understanding where to start with taxation can be confusing, especially if your situation is more complicated than most. Our tax team is here to provide you the clarity and informed service you need. With many years of experience under our belt, we are able to handle a wide variety of different tax compliance issues, including:

  • Tax return preparation
  • CRA appeals
  • Foreign tax reporting
  • Tax planning

Corporate Tax Services

We know small and medium-sized businesses have a difficult challenge trying to allocate enough resources to handle their taxes effectively. This can often mean more pressure on management to find a skilled resource that is both affordable and attainable over time. Brownlow Partners is here to facilitate your corporate tax preparation, planning and reporting processes.

We are your informed and experienced taxation resource that can guide you through unprecedented changes such as internal reorganization, as well as represent you to taxation authorities. Discover more about our corporate tax services in Hamilton, Halton or Niagara region by contacting us today.

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Personal Tax Services

Managing your personal tax situation can be more complicated than it may appear, especially if you face challenges such as incorrect reporting, retirement planning, or being audited. For many, this can be a burden that takes up more time than it should do. Our personal tax accountants ensure you are best positioned to be as efficiently taxed as possible.
Contact our team today to learn more.


USA Taxation

  1. Is expansion into the United States part of your plan for the future?
  2. Have your reviewed your corporate structure entry to the United States with a professional advisor?
  3. Does your company already move products, income or people across borders?
  4. Are you actively reviewing the compliance required while doing business in the United States?

Meet Our Personal and Corporate Tax Team