Corporate Reorganization

Change is a natural part of business management and many successful businesses need to undergo reorganization in order to grow. Brownlow Partners understand the nuances and complexities of reorganization, especially when it comes to how this would impact your finances and taxation.

Our trusted advisors work alongside you to develop an actionable plan that can help your company to benefit from any reorganization. We examine reorganization opportunities such as:

Adding & Amending Shareholders

Shareholders play an important role in your business’ financial structure. If you are seeking to add new shareholders into your company or amend existing shareholder control, we can help you do so in a tax-effective manner. We examine opportunities such as capital gains exemptions to find your reliable, tax-efficient methods that will make reorganizing your shareholders much more accessible for you and your business.

Operational Asset & Investment Asset Reorganization

Assets serve a variety of purposes from being viewed as a safe, long-term investment to being used as an operational method to generate more revenue. Assets also vary in type, value and in risk. Reorganizing your asset ownership and management now can help you accomplish your future business goals with greater precision.

Family Trusts

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Family trusts provide an effective method for you to direct corporate income to other individuals or corporations. They give you and your beneficiaries greater access to assets as well as giving these assets stronger protection. Whether you are considering a trust or looking for assistance in utilizing an existing trust, our team is here to help.

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