Services: Assurance & Accounting

Chris Michalak

Chris began working with Brownlow as a co-op in 2014 while attending Brock University.  As an Assurance and Advisory Manager with the firm, he has experience working with both large scale and small privately held businesses to help with their day-to-day operations as well as yearend work and corporate taxes. Chris brings a breadth of knowledge in all areas of assurance as well as business valuations, forecasts and controller level work. When working with clients, Chris is known for being detail oriented, personable and service oriented. He enjoys helping clients strategize to achieve their current goals and plan for their long-term needs.

Ashley T. Smith

Ashley Smith, with an experienced and attention to detail approach, is a Principal at Brownlow Partners Chartered Professional Accountants. Her ability to anticipate and problem solve unique situations important to Not-for-Profit and privately held business clients keeps them informed every step of the way. Collaboratively, Ashley works with her Team to provide exceptional compliance service that will enhance their business success.

Nicole M. Bucciacchio

Nicole Bucciacchio, experienced with the ability to connect and build relationships, is a Principal at Brownlow Partners Chartered Professional Accountants. Whether it is ensuring filing deadlines are met or identifying issues/problems, she takes the time to understand their unique situations. Nicole works collaboratively with her Team in providing privately held businesses and Not-for-Profit organizations with exceptional compliance service developing tailored solutions that will enhance their business success.

Brianne J. Barton

Brianne Barton, experienced and passionate in helping privately held business and Not-for-Profit organizations achieve their business and financial goals, is a Partner at Brownlow Partners Chartered Professional Accountants. She has an exemplary method of collaboratively working with clients to identify the issues/problems important to them. With a balance of listening and understanding, Brianne advocates tailored solution choices that are converted into actions for implementation. Very quickly, Brianne earns her place as their trusted advisor.

Brad J. Perco

Brad Perco, with his experience and ability to connect making clients feel more at ease, is an Assurance Partner at Brownlow Partners Chartered Professional Accountants and someone you want leading you every step of the way. His confident and easy going approach ensures clients are provided with effective strategic consulting advice and an informed and understandable tax planning experience towards achieving tailored solutions for financial success.